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Wedding Plated Menu

Italian Feast

Choice of 2 Entrees
*Chicken parmesan 
*Chicken Piccata
*Shrimp Linguine
*Fettuccine Alfredo
*Jambalaya Pasta
*Chicken Cacciatore
Includes Garlic Bread,Caesar Salad ,Lemonade and Ice Tea.
Servers included on Package.

Tex-Mex Favorites

Choice of 2 Entrees  

*Chicken Fajita
*Beef Fajita
*Beef Enchiladas
*Chicken Enchiladas
*Cheese enchiladas
Includes Rice,Beans,Salsa,Tortillas,Ice tea and Lemonade.


Choice of 2 Entrees

*Smoked Brisket
*BBQ Ribs
*Pulled Pork
*Smoked sausage 
*BBQ Grilled Chicken Quarters
Choice of 1 Side
*Mashed Potato
*Mac and Cheese
*Potato salad 
*Grilled Vegetables
Includes Small Salad,Dinner Rolls, Ice tea and Limonade.

Package includes Servers

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